A glimpse from the 2016 Fall East Workshop

Photo by Dan Z. Johnson Photography

Photo by Dan Z. Johnson Photography

Thank you for attending our 2016 Fall East Workshop on October 10. Our workshop entitled “Digital Content, Accountability and Expectations in Higher Education” was hosted by Villanova School of Business, Bartley Hall and was attended by more than 60 professionals. Dan Z. Johnson Photography sponsored the event; photos he took of the day may be viewed here.

We want to thank all of our presenters for their intriguing presentations. They, as well as the day’s agenda, are below.

8:30 – 9:30 Registration

9:30-9:45 Welcome and Opening Remarks

Joyce E.A. Russell, PhD, The Helen and William O’Toole Dean of the Villanova School of Business

Anders Back, MS, CUPRAP President and Director of Internal Communications and Publications, Harcum College

Digital Marketing:  Learning the Tools to Create an Overall Strategy

Melissa Rekos, Carnegie Communications

Building an effective digital marketing plan means putting your audience FIRST; understanding to whom you are messaging is critical in determining appropriate strategies to use at different points in the student journey. Each option has strengths and weaknesses and we will examine how a layered approach can replace trial and error.  In this session we will take a look at the strategies that are out there, ways to layer them appropriately for the most effective results and how breaking your audience into different categories can help you in aligning your plan with your goals.



Common Questions About Higher Education Website Analytics and How to Answer Them

Erin Mulrooney, Digital Media Supervisor, ab+c Creative Intelligence

Should all of our websites have the same analytics code? What metrics should we be looking at? How often? How can we track when a potential student visits multiple times, through different sources? What about mobile? And how do we effectively measure all those dollars we pour into advertising efforts? Sure, we’re running Google Analytics on our college website(s), but now what? How can I present this geeky information to the board?

Website analytics, ROI, big data, and data-driven marketing decisions are all buzzwords in today’s higher education landscape, especially related to marketing efforts. But the implementation, management, monitoring and reporting of web analytics can often be fragmented and siloed in the university setting. In this session, we’ll present common questions and scenarios that have come up related to web analytics, and how best to answer them, based on our vast and varied experiences with clients ranging from technical and trade schools to community colleges and comprehensive four-year research institutions and professional schools. We’ll also answer the questions you have about web analytics, so come prepared!


Transforming the University Experience with Mobile Apps

Andrew Yu, Chief Technology Officer, Modo Labs

As the new “mobile majority” generation arrive on campuses today, it is critical for universities to provide mobile solutions that meet their expectations. Learn how to develop a comprehensive mobile strategy and increase student engagement by mobilizing important student activities. In addition, we’ll show you how easy it is today to create mobile apps for your entire campus with minimal IT resources.


Using Technology to Expand Your Reach in a Small Shop: Tools That Help You Do More with Less

Cathy Toner, Director of Communication and Marketing;

Shannon Wilson, Assistant Director of Communication;

Monica Allen, Marketing Manager, Villanova School of Business

When the resource pool isn’t growing fast enough, getting more mileage out of existing resources can be a winning strategy. Through a relentless commitment to generating fresh ideas and embracing new technologies, the Villanova School of Business’ Marketing &Communications team is bringing continuous innovation to its public relations efforts, social media presence and lead generation strategy. Presenters will share several recent wins as well as forward-looking initiatives.

Why “digital” is worth attention, understanding and buy-in (PDF)

Joseph J. Master, Senior Director, Marketing and Communications;
Zach Epstein, Assistant Director, Marketing and Communications;

Zac McGroarty, Senior Designer, Marketing and Communications, College of Liberal Arts, Temple University

With the liberal arts under fire and recruitment more important than ever, Temple’s College of Liberal Arts recently assembled an integrated marketing and communications team that has helped to usher the college into the 21 st century with analytics, cost-effective Web marketing strategies and a “digital by default” ethos that includes Mailchimp (as a tool that can mimic CRM), Instapage, Squarespace, Facebook/Instagram ads (vs. targeted SEM). Presenters will speak about their growing pains and share insights to help you show your college leadership why “digital” is worth their attention, understanding and buy-in.