Enter and pay for the 2021 CUPPIES here.

When do the entries have to be produced?

Between December 1, 2019 and December 31, 2020

Entry Deadline

The deadline for entries is February 26, 2021

I have multiple people from different departments submitting entries from around the university, is there just one password per university?

No. Individuals can submit using their own email and password for their institution, so long as that individual is a member of CUPRAP. Please indicate on your entry which school you are representing. All entries submitted by non-members will be disqualified.

Is there early bird pricing?

No, it’s the same price per entry from the opening of the contest to the end.

Can agencies submit entries on behalf of a client?

Yes, but please coordinate with the client. There have been instances where we have received entries for the same video, printed piece, etc. by the agency and the institution.

Can agencies submit entries on behalf of a non-CUPRAP member client?

No. However, if the agency or institution wants to take out a CUPRAP membership, they would then be eligible to submit entries.

Do I pay first?

No.  First, enter the CUPPIES at this link Once you upload your entries and submit you will receive a separate email invoice for each entry. Total all your entries, multiply by $40 and click on this CUPRAP payment portal to pay with your credit card.

When are the awards announced?

We are planning to announce the winners in June and will be awarding winners a digital badge that can be displayed on your website and a certificate in PDF format that you can print on your choice of
paper and frame.