Building justice and equality: a letter from our president

Dear CUPRAP community,

One of the defining tenets of our organization “ perhaps the defining tenet “ is its mutual support. Our members are here for each other, always, offering counsel, or empathy, or just a sounding board.

As we reflect on the brutality of the last several weeks, it is clear that we must support more than each other.

The senseless, sickening death of George Floyd is absolutely a wake-up call to the pain Black Americans have endured for centuries. This moment is a catalyst for a movement that involves us, whether we want to be involved or not.

CUPRAP condemns racism “ period. We are welcoming, reflective of our profession, and striving to build an organization that looks more like the students we serve. We have much work to do here, which is why we ™ve established a Diversity Committee, which I co-chair along with fellow board member Gail Towns of Georgian Court University.

CUPRAP ™s camaraderie is powerful as a learning and professional-development tool. Let us put it to good use, working together to craft the messages “ the words and images, publications and websites, ads and social media campaigns “ that make our campuses and communities better for Black people, for all people.

We have an opportunity “ a responsibility “ to acknowledge the tragedy of racism and how it affects our profession, our students, our colleagues, and our communities. The death of George Floyd is a more than a reprehensible moment. It is an invitation to act ”to do what we do best. As an organization of communicators, the ones on whom so many in leadership depend to hear the truth and to respond honestly and effectively, we are obliged to examine how we can help build justice and equality, and contribute to a world in which it is clear that Black lives matter.

CUPRAP ™s Diversity Committee welcomes you to help us continue the conversation, contribute to programming, and improve our practices. 


Tom Durso