CUPRAP Video History: A call for submissions

Ray Bentzer CUPRAP

Photo courtesy of Dan Z. Johnson Photography

We’re working on a tribute to the CUPRAP experience in Hershey to be shown at the 2017 Spring Professional Development Conference that will include memories of good times we had and lessons we learned during the 35+ years the Spring Conference has been held at The Hotel Hershey.

We would like to gather both digital images and, if possible, video from the 1980’s through 2016. Such images might feature the legendary pub crawls, awards ceremony presentations, award winners, chocolate overdoses, unexpected blizzards and the impromptu œnetworking  parties at the top of the hotel in the former “Hugs and Kisses Suite”  – just to name a few examples. It may be hard to find images from the 1980’s and 90’s, but give it a try!

Images should be saved as jpg files in high resolution format. Video should be in standard AVI format; however FLV or MOV files are acceptable.

Make sure each file is identified as clearly as possible as to date, location, individuals or scenes shown, the context of the image and the name and contact information of the sender, including name, email and  phone number.

No prizes will be awarded (but the best submissions will probably get cheers and applause at the 2017 Spring Conference). Materials submitted cannot be returned and will become the property of CUPRAP. The only editing done will be to fit time requirements (except in those cases where libel laws might be invoked…).

The deadline for submitting files is  Friday, December 30, 2016.   You are welcome to begin sending files now. Let’s share some memories of a great place and time! Please contact if you have some digital nostalgia you would like to share and we will arrange to upload your files.