Enter your CUPPIE submissions

It’s time to show us your best work! Entries for the 16th annual CUPPIE Awards are now open. This year’s CUPPIE awards have a few new categories, and our judges are excited to see the best of the work you’ve diligently focused on delivering this year. All work must have been produced between January 1, 2022, and December 31, 2022, and the deadline for entries is December 31, 2022.

To create an account or use your login from last year, visit https://cuprap.awardsplatform.com.

Once entries are submitted, you will receive a separate email invoice for your entries. Total all your entries, multiply by $40 and visit our CUPRAP payment portal page to pay with your credit card.

Each entry must be submitted by a CUPRAP member. All others will be disqualified. Not a CUPRAP member? Join now!

See FAQs regarding agency entries.

Please remember to provide supporting information for your entry in the “Additional Information” tab. This may include goals/outcomes, reasoning for submission development, and/or other commentary to assist judging.

You’ve worked hard this year! Submitting your work for CUPPIES will help you shine a light on your best efforts.

Questions?  Contact Genna Welsh Kasun at gennakasun@uvawise.edu or Elizabeth Hanson at elizabethhanson269@gmail.com.