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Associate Vice President of Marketing and Communications

Delaware Valley University | Doylestown, PA - Posted 7 months ago

The Associate Vice President of Marketing and Communications (AVP) is the chief marketing and communications officer of the University, reporting directly to the Vice President of External Affairs and serving as a member of the President’s Cabinet. The AVP leads the development and implementation of the University’s brand vision and marketing campaigns to increase the University’s visibility, to attract best-fit students, to motivate alumni and donors, and to recruit high quality faculty and staff. The AVP is responsible for ensuring alignment and synergy of marketing and communications efforts internally and externally, and for harnessing the power of marketing and communications across the University in support of the University’s new strategic plan. The AVP leverages modern, dynamic, and strategic communications tools and methods to drive desired outcomes in enrollment (including undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education), fundraising, and internal communications. The AVP must think and plan strategically, and must use a collaborative management style to ensure outstanding management practices in support of the University’s core values. The AVP is an essential partner who works with the senior leaders of the University to drive positive change. The AVP will help foster internal campus pride and promote a culture of entrepreneurship to enable the achievement of institutional goals and priorities.

Job Responsibilities

Essential Responsibilities:

  1. Provides strategic branding and integrated marketing and communications leadership to the University:
  • Develops a comprehensive and proactive University-wide marketing, communications, and branding strategy and plan that articulates the value proposition of the University, supports the strategic goals, core values, and aspirations of the University, and ensures that all messages emanating from the University are accurate and consistent.
  • Utilizes a data-driven research-based approach to identify target audiences and key messages.
  • Oversees the editorial direction, design, and production of publications, photography, promotions, and advertising with the goal of creating dynamic, engaging materials that authentically convey the key brand attributes of the University.
  • Makes all advertising buying decisions for the University.
  • Selects and forms relationships with all marketing-related vendors and agencies used by the University.
  • Oversees the development and execution of the University’s digital and social media strategy, and supervises the development and execution of a web/social media presence that engages and excites target audiences, and enhances the University’s brand and reputation.
  • Oversees the development and execution of the University’s media relations efforts to foster effective and collaborative relationships with the media, and to proactively get the University’s message out.
  • Oversees the establishment and monitoring of budgets within marketing and communication, and the allocation of marketing resources based on agreed-upon institutional strategic priorities.
  • Oversees establishment and maintenance of marketing and communications policies and procedures, including brand and editorial standards.
  • Closely collaborates, communicates, and partners with relevant constituencies throughout the University to ensure University goals and priorities are achieved, including but not limited to:

o Enrollment management in developing undergraduate target recruitment audiences, key messages, and marketing strategies to attract best-fit students and achieve recruitment goals.

o Academic affairs in developing graduate, continuing, and professional studies target recruitment audiences, key messages, and marketing strategies to attract best-fit students and achieve recruitment goals.

o Development and Alumni Affairs in developing key messages and promotional support for alumni and donors to encourage high levels of engagement and philanthropy.

o Student affairs and academic affairs in developing institutional-level communications with students to promote engagement, pride, and retention.

o Human resources and the cabinet in developing strategic and creative internal communication strategies and messages to attract, retain, and engage high quality faculty and staff.

o The President and the cabinet to ensure a diverse and inclusive University environment.

  • Leads the optimization of functional effectiveness in all areas of service relating to both internal and external communications.
  • Creates and maintains a marketing and communications effectiveness evaluation system, including metrics to evaluate ROI performance of marketing investments.
  • Creates a collegial, team-oriented work environment within marketing and communications, motivating staff to high performance consistent with the University’s core values.
  • Serves as a proactive advocate for the University’s brand and image.
  1. Provides institutional leadership:
  • Serves on the President’s Cabinet.
  • Serves as co-liaison, with the Vice President for Enrollment Management, to the Enrollment and Marketing Committee of the Board of Trustees.
  • Participates in institutional-level strategic planning and ongoing implementation.
  • Leads crisis and issues management communications planning and rapid response messaging to deal with critical events as they may occur in close collaboration with the University’s crisis and emergency response leadership. Serves as primary spokesperson in certain key crisis situations.
  • Proactively works with departments across campus to monitor for, identify, and correct any issues that might damage the University’s brand, including the use of active listening tools such as social media and media monitoring.
  • Leads and implements marketing and communications strategies for any non-traditional entrepreneurial businesses the University may develop.
  • Provides support to the President for speeches and articles.

III. Performs other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the President.


Desired qualifications:

  • Master’s degree in marketing, communications, public relations, business or a related field is preferred.
  • At least seven years of experience in marketing and/or communications in higher education, corporate or non-profit setting.
  • At least three years of management experience in marketing and/or communications at an institution of higher education, corporate or not-for-profit organization.
  • Demonstrated understanding of, and experience with brand strategy, integrated marketing, media relations, crisis communications, market research, social media, search engine optimization, the Adobe Creative Suite, digital media, and web best practices for undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education markets.
  • Experience overseeing and/or managing major marketing projects, such as website redesign, brand roll out, name change, or logo redesign.
  • A record of success in increasingly responsible positions and as a change agent.
  • An entrepreneurial mind-set demonstrated by an ability to lead the creation and implementation of innovative marketing strategies with agility.
  • Demonstrated experience utilizing data to derive insight in developing marketing and communication strategy and evaluating performance.
  • Excellent in all communication skills: writing, oral, presentation, listening, and interpretive skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to build rapport, collaborate, and partner with senior University leaders and other managers.