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Commonwealth University | See description - Posted 6 days ago
  • The home campus for this position is flexible to include Bloomsburg, Lock Haven, Mansfield or Clearfield, with the expectation of serving a multi-campus University within the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education.
  • Remote Work Statement:
    This position may be eligible for telecommuting with requisite approval. Per PASSHE Telecommuting Procedure 2021-51, an alternate work site is defined as an approved work site within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, other than the employee’s assigned permanent work location, designated for telecommuting.

Job Responsibilities

This position is responsible for planning, designing, maintaining, and updating university websites and managing a wide variety of website content to ensure a consistent look, while supporting various multi-media initiatives; including mapping the flow of the site; implementing university website strategy; monitoring website use and trends; coordinating efforts with information technology staff as required; assisting with requested website updates, establishing and maintaining working relationship with clients on campus and vendors; and supervising campus websites and the website user base to ensure adequate training and best practice procedures.
The Webmaster ensures the coordinated development, communication, and implementation of web projects, policies, and standards. The Webmaster has responsibility for certain aspects of website governance including website quality assurance, assigning roles and permissions, and working across all divisions and levels of the University. This position maintains a strong working partnership with the Information Technology team related to various technology needs to support overall website operation. Must work closely with partners across all University divisions to ensure a global understanding of web and digital assets and how they connect in service to our clients.
Under guidance from the Associate Director of Web & Digital Strategy, this position will focus on developing and maintaining the navigational structure and taxonomy by following best practices, ensuring ADA compliance and accessibility, managing site and user requirements, and analyzing site-level and page-level performance. Additionally, developing training for site users, developing and writing code, testing web pages/applications, and publishing website pages are all essential duties that are required.
Web Maintenance:
Responsible for university websites including the process of updating and applying content changes, making recommendations for information architecture, taxonomy, upgrades, and technical issues. Manage Asana incoming tasks for web projects, assigning them to self or other team members as appropriate. Implements approved web strategies (UX and user experiences, web governance). Develop website content, graphic layout, content management and operational systems, ensuring accuracy of content and adherence to clean site architecture, brand and writing style guides. Work with OHO website development team to identify changes needed to Drupal templates or features, security/module updates required.
Web Training:
Train and work with and supervise content authors to make content modification recommendations where needed to ensure content is brand appropriate, optimized for search, communicates value, meets accessibility standards, is easy to read and navigate, and is consistent with the look, feel, and voice of the site. Develop and supply updated tutorials for guidance and provide ongoing troubleshooting support. Maintain Sharepoint Site as an inventory for website training resources.
Web Governance:
Utilizes website auditing software to ensure regular quality assurance checks, repair of broken links, spelling errors, ADA compliance, readability and SEO. Create policies as necessary to search for key words; implement changes. Along with the Associate Director of Web and Digital Strategy, serve as liaison to University Technology Services where necessary. Create groups and new user role permissions for individuals/departments to provide independent editing rights.
Web Research:
Maintain and further develop technical knowledge and understanding of practical web design, management of websites/locations, and identifies new trends in web development and digital communications for higher education.


Minimum Qualifications:
  • One year as an Information Technology Trainee or Information Technology Technician;
  • One year of information technology experience in applications development or applications maintenance, networking or desktop services, web site development or web site design, or other information technology support/administration services, and an associate’s degree in any information technology field;
  • Three years of information technology experience in applications development or applications maintenance, networking or desktop services, web site development or web site design, or other information technology support/administration services;
  • An equivalent combination of experience and training.
Preferred Qualifications:
  • Prior experience working in a higher education environment is preferred.
  • Bachelor’s degree in an appropriate field and a minimum of 4-5 years of professional experience in a lead worker role utilizing diverse and complex functions of content management systems at a professional organization.
  • 10+ years of website content management and/or website design experience with a proven track record of working with various content management systems to maintain a variety of online environments.
$54,181.00/annual in accordance with the AFSCME CBA