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January 27, 2022 @ 1:16PM

Meeting mutual goals with MarComm in 2022

Strong partnerships with colleagues from across campus enable a MarComm department to function strategically to aid the entire university....

January 19, 2022 @ 10:32AM

Registration Open for 2022 Spring Professional Development Conference

Registration is open for our 2022 Spring Professional Development Conference to be held on Thursday, March 17 and Friday,...

What They’re Saying

Carina Sitkus

Director, University Communications, Lehigh University

Some professional networks can feel large and anonymous. When I have a challenge or a question, my CUPRAP colleagues are always my first go-tos. The CUPRAP network is personal and accessible and made up of communications and higher education professionals with high levels of expertise who are always willing to exchange ideas and solutions. I also highly recommend their professional development, conference, and networking programs.

Christine Baksi

Director of Media Relations, Dickinson College

CUPRAP is an incomparable network of higher education professionals who are always eager to share knowledge, resources and ideas

Steve Filipiak

Web Content Coordinator, Misericordia University

I’ve been a member of CUPRAP for many years and am proud to be a part of a network of professionals that provide expertise and advice across many of the challenges we all face in the higher education industry. The willingness of members to share their knowledge is one of the things I appreciate the most and find invaluable.  The workshops and annual conferences in particular are extremely beneficial and have provided me with key insights along with ample networking opportunities to connect with colleagues in my field.  Whether you seek specific advice on an upcoming project or wish to gain experience-backed feedback on more complex challenges, CUPRAP provides you with the opportunities you need to be successful in your career.

Jacquelyn Muller

Senior Director of Marketing Communication , Grove City College

Having been an active member of this organization for nearly three decades, I can attest to the strong sense of mission, collective conscience and professional expertise CUPRAP brings to aspiring and career higher education marketing communications professionals. CUPRAP is a perennial leader in the space bringing the best and brightest together to deliver best of class experiences that strengthen institutional messaging and market positions. Here, you’ll find a home among highly-regarded colleague professionals who understand the challenges we undertake and opportunities we pursue in a complex climate. At CUPRAP, you’ll enjoy the benefit of professional growth and development alongside great communicators and marketers from all walks of higher education providers. Our team at Grove City College remains closely connected to peers who can help us achieve best in class status.

Jamie Yates

Executive director of communications and marketing, Gettysburg College

Of all of the higher education marketing conferences I have attended, CUPRAP is by far my favorite. The sessions are informational and relevant and the presenters are the top of their field. Perhaps most importantly, I’ve been able to form meaningful and lasting relationships at the conference. Colleagues (friends!) who have provided me with guidance and support throughout the years.

Gail Towns

Executive Director, Marketing & Communications, Georgian Court University

I (heart) CUPRAP! It’s where I found professional development opportunities, for sure. More than that, I found professionals like me trying to do a lot with a little—and it’s where I learned that it can be done. CUPRAP members are the best: knowledgeable, experienced, willing to share, and above all, willing to support you. They get me—and like me, they love what they do for their institutions and students.