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May 16, 2019 @ 1:02PM

Generation X Women– leading in the workplace

Many Generation X women are now midpoint in their careers. The average Generation X-er has changed jobs at least...

May 8, 2019 @ 8:05AM

Digital storytelling: what to know from someone who has been there

The concept of storytelling in marketing is not new, but is receiving a lot of buzz right now. Marketers...

What They’re Saying

Angela Burrows

AVP for Marketing and Communications, Edinboro University

“I’ve been involved with CUPRAP for most of my years in higher education.  I continue to appreciate the exposure it provides to a network of professionals who face many of the same challenges and opportunities.   Those of us in this sometimes crazy field of Marketing and Communications face some unique stresses, and experience victories and successes that can only be fully appreciated by those in similar roles.  The mission of higher education is noble and those of us responsible for promoting our institutions and protecting them from reputational damage hold privileged positions.  I enjoy the CUPRAP community and the friends and colleagues I’ve met along the way.”

Heather Johns

Director of Content Strategy, Bucknell University

CUPRAP is great for connecting with professionals who can offer practical solutions to challenges we all face in higher ed communications.

Annmarie Ely

Media Relations and Publications Coordinator, Delaware Valley University

“CUPRAP has been a great resource for me as a young professional. The spring conference provides an opportunity to get together with people working in higher education and learn about a variety of topics. I always come away from CUPRAP events with new ideas and solutions that I can take back with me to use in my career. The email list is also a good place to ask questions and get advice from peers at other institutions.”

Tory Irwin

Marketing and Communications Associate , Washington and Jefferson College

I was first introduced to CUPRAP when I attended the Fall West Workshop in October of 2017. After connecting with colleagues from all over western Pennsylvania, I returned to my office and informed the rest of our staff of the value of the workshop and the knowledge of those in attendance. Not long after, three of us were members of CUPRAP and signed up for the annual conference in March. I’ve found membership in CUPRAP to be a great way to make connections, learn from others in the field, and share valuable skills and insights with my peers.

Jennifer P. Stoudt

Acting Vice President for Communications, Albright College

Whether you’re new to higher ed communications or a seasoned professional, the opportunities that CUPRAP provides to learn and grow are worth every penny. But, over the course of my 19 years as a CUPRAP member, what I have always been most grateful for are the relationships that I’ve established with colleagues at other colleges and universities. To have access to a community of people who do what you do, who are generous with their professional counsel, who will listen to your ideas and commiserate with you over shared challenges – that is truly priceless.

Tom McNamara

Executive Director of Communications, DeSales University

I have been a member of CUPRAP for more than 13 years. The networking, camaraderie, and professional knowledge sharing, as well as the all-important validation that you are following our industry’s best practices, are great reasons for joining. Communications and marketing of higher education matters, and CUPRAP is an outstanding resource for newbies and veterans of this important work.